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Female trip to Greece

Greece for Women:
Uncovering the Tales of Goddesses Among Us

Greece for Women:
Uncovering the Tales of Goddesses Among Us

Greece for Women:
Uncovering the Tales of Goddesses Among Us

11 Days

Athens, Sparta,
Crete, Lesbos

Ancient Greek Rituals

Welcome to Greece, a land of myths and legends, where the tales of powerful goddesses and inspiring women have echoed through the ages. Our journey will take us to the heart of the ancient world, where we'll explore the fascinating stories of the women who shaped this society. From the Snake Goddess and the Minoan civilization in Crete, where the priestesses held sway, to the warrior queens of Sparta and the remarkable Lesbians (the women of Lesbos island), we'll uncover the legacies of women whose power and resilience continue to inspire us today. Join us and embrace the power of the divine feminine within us.

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  • Female figures of Caryatids on Acropolis
  • The female goddess Athens


Embark on a journey to uncover the hidden stories of women in ancient Athens, a time of greatness and wonder. Walk in the footsteps of powerful heroines like Antigone, whose legacy has inspired generations of women. With our expert guides and storytellers, we'll delve into the everyday lives of Athenian women, exploring their struggles and triumphs in a society dominated by men. Discover how these remarkable women carved out their own paths, defying convention and leaving their mark on history. As we wander through the Acropolis, the Acropolis Museum and other monuments that embody the splendor of ancient Greece, we'll gain a deeper understanding of women's rights and duties in this fascinating time. Come join us on this inspiring journey, as we honor the women who helped shape the Golden Age of Athens.



Our next destination is the Peloponnese and the heart of the region, Sparta. As we journey from the birthplace of Democracy to the land that arguably produced the greatest warriors of all time, we witness a remarkable shift in the role of women in ancient Greek society. Despite its non-democratic rule, Sparta was a city that empowered women, granting them more rights and autonomy than any other ancient society. What empowered Spartan women to become leaders and warriors, and how did they wield their power within their society? As we explore the ancient trails and castle towns of Laconia, we will delve into the stories of these exceptional women, sharing lesser-known facts and insights that will inspire and fascinate you. Celebrate with us the strength and resilience of the women of Sparta, and gain a deeper understanding of the shifting roles of women in ancient Greece.

  • Trip to Greece and Sparta for women
  • A Spartan warrior and woman at the hills of the Peloponnese
  • The Snake Goddess of Minoans
  • A trip to the Knossos Palace in Crete


Our journey takes us next to the majestic island of Crete to uncover the untold stories of the powerful women of the Minoan civilization. Although the Minoan society dates back 5000 years, we will discover that Minoan women played an active role in social life, on equal footing with men. We will also unravel the myths and stories behind the enigmatic "Snake Goddess" and gain a deeper understanding of her significant role in Minoan culture. At Knossos Palace, we'll explore the fascinating frescoes depicting women in bullfights, known as "Taurokathapsia", and examine what they reveal about the roles and power of women in Minoan society. With our expert guide and storyteller leading the way, we will journey through the Cretan prehistoric times, and bring new tales to light, inspired by the remarkable women who shaped this ancient civilization. Let us honor the remarkable legacy of the women of Minoan Crete in the very places they lived.


The last chapter of our female trip to Greece unfolds on the awe-inspiring island of Lesbos. This is the birthplace of the legendary female poet, Sappho, who highly praised women, romantic love and human emotions, bringing to light ideas that have led to a huge debate among historians over the centuries. Let’s travel through her verses and values, as we discover the corners of an off-the-beaten-path island with stone villages that will enchant you, tastes that will excite you and stories that will captivate you. Let's be transported to a world of myth and wonder, where the power and resilience of women are celebrated at every turn.


The moon rose full,
and as around an altar, stood the women.

  • Figure of female poet Sappho
  • Molyvos Castle in Lesbos island Greece





The divine feminine is strong all over Greece and stories of powerful women can be found in many places. We can definitely tailor the above itinerary to include the destinations you feel are most important to you. Contact us to curate your trip.

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Greece for Women: Uncovering the Tales of Goddesses Among Us
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