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You are not yet sure what to do in Greece and you need inspiring ideas? Then let our local travel expert plan a unique trip for you.

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Please note that there is a small fee for creating your personalized itinerary. The final price depends on the duration of the trip (starting from 15 euro per day) and it includes 2 reviews from you. The complete itinerary will be sent to you within 48 hours, after successful receipt of your invoice has been confirmed. Air fare and accommodation are not provided by this service.

What They Say About Us

“ I felt like i was in ancient Athens, walking among ancient Athenians and interacting with them. Following the tour on the Acropolis, every time i looked at the Parthenon, i felt like Goddess Athena was really keeping an eye on me! ”
― Deepika J, India
“ It is really hard to find people that truly care about your experience. Greek TravelTellers took me and my family into a beautiful journey through Greek history and culture. We learnt so many exciting stories and tales we had no idea about. It is definitely worth it! ”
― Emilie S, Denmark
“ What an amazing experience!! Games, stories, laughter, traditional drinks... at the end of each day we were looking forward to the next morning and our next adventure! We booked the Indiana Jones tour and, i have to say, it was full of surprises!! ”
― Mclee K, USA
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