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Greek trip in winter

Whispers of Winter:
Greece's Enchanting Allure

Whispers of Winter:
Greece's Enchanting Allure

Whispers of Winter:
Greece's Enchanting Allure

10 Days

Thessaloniki, Epirus,
Thessaly, Delphi, Athens


Embark on a captivating trip to a realm of enchantment as you discover the magic of Greece during winter. Immerse yourself in a world where snow-capped peaks, charming mountainous villages, and ancient landscapes blend seamlessly to create your very own winter wonderland. Whether you're drawn to the historical allure of Athens, the romantic charm of Thessaloniki, or the serene landscapes of the mainland, this winter escape to Greece promises to be a magical experience. Our carefully crafted itinerary invites you to explore the hidden treasures of Greece during this captivating season.

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Your winter vacation in Greece starts with the Lady of the North, Thessaloniki! Discover the city's cosmopolitan allure as history and modernity intertwine. Explore Byzantine relics, vibrant markets, and the picturesque waterfront, all while savoring a diverse culinary scene. Travel to the first capital of Ancient Macedonia, Vergina, and learn all about the history of this important landmark, through the stories of Alexander the Great and his ancestors.



Your trip next takes you to the breathtaking Epirus region where you will stay in, arguably, the most beautiful city in Greece, Ioannina! This enchanting city is cradled by the shimmering waters of Lake Pamvotis, enveloping you in an aura of serene tranquillity. As you stroll through the cobblestone lanes of its castle, you'll sense a palpable connection to its rich history and cultural tapestry.

In the heart of the Pindus Mountain, Zagori is a timeless alpine sanctuary with stone villages steeped in history. Walk its cobblestone streets to experience a world where history whispers and traditional architecture speaks of generations past. Explore unspoiled wilderness on ancient trails, where stone bridges span clear rivers, connecting villages and adding to the rustic charm. The warmth of Greek hospitality and the delicious handmade pies will both delight your heart and satisfy your appetite.

You'll also visit picturesque Metsovo, a stunning winter destination in the Pindus Mountains. Enjoy hearty mountain cuisine by the fireplace amidst historic stone houses draped in snow, creating a fairytale atmosphere.

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Prepare to be transported to the awe-inspiring Meteora monasteries, where nature's grandeur and human devotion merge in a UNESCO World Heritage site of spiritual wonder. The mythical land of Pelion also awaits! So much beauty inevitably spawned many myths and legends. Centaurs are said to have ruled Pelion, led by the wisest of them all, Chiron. Steeped in both history and folklore, Pelion offers a transformative experience that seamlessly weaves together lush natural landscapes, centuries-old villages, and the magical allure of Greek mythology.


Delphi beckons with ancient echoes, where Apollo's sanctuary still mystifies. Stand before the Temple of Apollo for panoramic vistas and ask Pythia your question; will the Oracle answer? Explore the spiritual heart of the ancient world, pondering history, myths, and legacy.

After Delphi, venture to Arachova, a vibrant village on Mount Parnassus. In winter, it transforms into an apr├Ęs-ski haven with cozy retreats, thrilling slopes, boutiques, crafts, and inviting tavernas. Greek hospitality and alpine beauty await.

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Your journey leads you to the last destination and the capital of Greece. Athens stands as the cradle of Western civilization, an open book of history waiting to be explored. The city's iconic landmarks, including the Acropolis crowned by the Parthenon, are living testaments to its historical significance, and you get to enjoy their secrets with no crowds. Wander through the picturesque alleys of Plaka, where neoclassical buildings seamlessly blend with modern life. Discover the energy that pulses through the city, as you traverse the historic neighborhoods and bustling markets. Athens is a treasure trove of cultural riches, from world-class museums like the Acropolis Museum to contemporary galleries that showcase the city's creative pulse. Indulge in the fusion of ancient and modern flavors as you savor traditional Greek dishes infused with contemporary twists, reflecting Athens' dynamic and ever-evolving spirit.





Please note that the above itinerary can be broken down in fewer days and can also be fully customized to your interests, with hotels, activities and other services. Contact us to curate your trip.

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Whispers of Winter: Greece's Enchanting Allure
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