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Honeymoon trip in Greece

Experience the magic of Greece,
handcrafted just for two

Experience the magic of Greece,
handcrafted just for two

Experience the magic of Greece,
handcrafted just for two

13 Days

Athens, Crete,
Santorini, Naxos

Sunset view
Food and Drink
Local vibes

Eros, the winged Greek god of Love, invites you to create your own romantic tale in Greece! Take a romantic picture under the illuminated Acropolis and rejuvenate your body in the Cretan blue waters! Feel the mystical beauty of Santorini's sunset, and share food and love stories in the middle of the Aegean Sea! Simply relax and let us arrange every single detail for you. All you need to do is get on a plane to Greece and enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime honeymoon trip we curated for you.

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  • Honeymoon in Athens
  • Anafiotika Athens


Whether you are a lover of history, food, Greek mythology, or modern cultural events, Athens will seduce you with its local vibes and its cozy neighborhoods. Get lost with your beloved one in the various romantic spots of the city center, untangle stories of the past and the present, and experience the intense nightlife of a city that is always awake and vibrant!



Enjoy the comfort and luxury of 5-star resorts away from the crowds. Relax on the crystal-clear waters of the Cretan beaches and explore sunbathed landscapes that look like something out of a fairy tale! Crete simply has a romantic adventure for every couple and it is a true must for your honeymoon trip to Greece!

  • Honeymoon in Crete
  • Honeymoon trip in Greece
  • Honeymoon couple in Santorini
  • Romantic couple in Santorini Greece


This is Santorini! Love at first sight! Savor exceptional local wines while sailing Santorini’s volcanic waters with your beloved partner. Relish the colors of the golden hour which transform the Santorinian sky into a magic palette, and create your own romantic sunset postcard.


An alternative destination for honeymooners, Naxos can offer you both simplicity and luxury, a combination that not many destinations can support. Your own fisherman welcomes you and your other half on his traditional boat and takes you on an exclusive fishing tour in the Aegean archipelago! Savor “stories of the sea” along with fresh fish and local delicacies that will make you fall in love with Naxos island! After all, as we say in Greece, “the way to one’s heart is through their stomach!”

  • Naxos portara
  • Romantic couple in Naxos





Please note that the above itinerary and destinations can be fully customized to your interests, with hotels, activities and other services. Contact us to curate your honeymoon trip to Greece.

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Greece for Honeymooners: Tales of Romance and Relaxation
This is a private tour
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