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Athens excursions

Private Excursions to Athens
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Athens excursions

Inspiring excursions to Athens and Greece for the adventurous minds and curious travelers. An esoteric journey to the heart of Greek civilization.

Goddess Athena and her people: a journey into time
from €179/person

A 3-day inspirational excursion to Athens. Let Goddess Athena be your local guide in Athens. Travel back in time & explore the role of mythology in ancient Athens and how it affected the lives and traditions of Athenians.

Goddess Athena and her people: a journey into time

2-day or 3-day tour


Athens, Sounio,

English, Sign language (upon request)
The Ancient Secret of Athens - Inspired by Indiana Jones
from €310/person

An ancient secret... a fearsome curse... one of the oldest cities in the world... Put on your hats and help us recover the knowledge of the past! Adventure is out there... Discover Athens like never before in this 4-day excursion!

The Ancient Secret of Athens - Inspired by Indiana Jones

4-day tour


Athens, Delphi,

English, Sign language (upon request)
Life & Death in Ancient Athens: a Rite of Passage
from €221/person

Join us on a journey of self-discovery and realization at the age of Gods and Heroes. Take from the wisdom of the old and let them aid you in your pursuit of happiness or greatness... A 2-day inspirational excursion to Athens.

Life & Death in Ancient Athens: a Rite of Passage

2-day tour


Athens, Eleusis

English, Sign language (upon request)

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Visiting Greece is a unique experience on its own. But, imagine if you could time-travel to Ancient Greece and discover the great civilization of the past first-hand. Imagine if you could enter Athens from Dipylon, the greatest gate of the ancient world. Imagine if you could initiate into the Eleusinian Mysteries, the most sacred rites of ancient Greece. Imagine if you could listen to the Hymn of Apollo at the very spot it was first heard in Delphi. Imagine… Imagination is the key; Greek TravelTellers is the door! On this page, you will find excursions designed to enhance your experience in Athens by delving deeper into Greek history, heritage and culture.

Each Athens excursion has a context, a theme, and we discover Greece together in that context. Our team of experts has created a storyline for each tour, based on a historical figure, a legendary hero or mythical God, ancient practices and traditions or even a beloved book or movie. Join the ‘Ancient Secret of Athens – Inspired by Indiana Jones’ private multi-day tour to cross a gate to the past and set a course for adventures in sites and museums around Athens. Join the ‘Goddess Athena and her people: a journey into time’ private multi-day tour to sail away to worlds unknown and get to ‘know thyself’ through the revival of ancient practices; or join the ‘Life and Death in ancient Athens: a rite of passage’ private multi-day tour to experience ancient customs and unveil mysteries of the past.

All excursions to Athens and Greece are private and exclusive, with you at the center of the storyline. They are excursions specially designed for you, in a way that guarantees the immediate and full attention of our skilled team of historians, archaeologists and local storytellers. Our team has carefully planned all the days of your choosing, your mornings and evenings, for you to experience the local color as well as the ancient aura. We invite you, the inquisitive traveler, to an innovative way of cultural traveling. Join our inspirational excursions to Greece and become part of its history!

What They Say About Us

“ I felt like i was in ancient Athens, walking among ancient Athenians and interacting with them. Following the tour on the Acropolis, every time i looked at the Parthenon, i felt like Goddess Athena was really keeping an eye on me! ”
― Deepika J, India
“ It is really hard to find people that truly care about your experience. Greek TravelTellers took me and my family into a beautiful journey through Greek history and culture. We learnt so many exciting stories and tales we had no idea about. It is definitely worth it! ”
― Emilie S, Denmark
“ What an amazing experience!! Games, stories, laughter, traditional drinks... at the end of each day we were looking forward to the next morning and our next adventure! We booked the Indiana Jones tour and, i have to say, it was full of surprises!! ”
― Mclee K, USA
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