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Enjoy Athens like a local



Local Experiences in Greece

Experience Greece like a local and immerse yourself into the true spirit of Greek culture. Join authentic experiences and tours by locals in Athens.

Ancient Greek symposium and sculpture: the experience
from €57/person

Experience an Ancient Greek Symposium, discover the ancient technique of vinification, drink Ancient Greek wine and philosophize! Find your talent in sculpture and create your own masterpiece!

Ancient Greek symposium and sculpture: the experience

2.5-hour tour
(family friendly)


English, Ελληνικά, Sign language (upon request)
Ancient greek meditation and vegan brunch

Take a spiritual journey into ancient Greece and meditate like Socrates and Pythagoras on a sacred hill facing the Parthenon, before savouring a Greek vegan brunch.

Ancient greek meditation and vegan brunch

2.5-hour experience


English, Español, Ελληνικά, Sign language (upon request)
Scents and flavours of Athens walking tour

Athens comes to life with a symphony of senses! Enjoy the sights of hidden alleys, taste local treats, breath in the aromas of the city and let the roar of the city's vibes transform you into a genuine Athenian..!

Scents and flavours of Athens walking tour

3-hour tour


English, Ελληνικά, Sign language (upon request)

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Greek TravelTellers have created authentic experiences for those looking to delve deeper into local life and customs. In this page, you will find tours in Athens Greece designed and guided by locals, during which you will be exposed to authentic experiences. Our storytellers will be your ardent companions during your journey to the heart of Greek culture. The themes and the philosophy behind the local tours aim to inspire you and create life-enriching experiences.

Experiencing Greek culture can be achieved in many ways. Exploring museums or archeological sites gives you an insight into the Greek life of the past. However, in order to experience the culture of modern Greeks, you need to meet and interact with the modern-day inhabitants of this civilization. We invite you to experience true culture by opening closed doors and interacting with the locals; to experience today’s vibrant Athenian life by shadowing those redefining it! In tours created by locals in Athens you will relive Athens of the past, experience Athens in the present and contemplate about Athens’ future. Our local storytellers will guide you in an experiential journey during which you will learn about the Greek customs, ancient and modern practices, traditions that survived many generations, everyday habits, values and artistic expressions.

Experience Athens like a local by joining our local tours. Taste the tradition, while enjoying a cup of fresh-brewed Greek coffee at a local square; awake your five senses before savoring traditional Greek spirits, by joining the Scents and Flavors of Athens Walking Tour. Take a spiritual journey into ancient Greece and meditate like Socrates and Pythagoras on a sacred hill facing Acropolis with our Ancient Greek Meditation local experience. Take part in an Ancient Greek Symposium, drink Greek wine produced with the ancient Greek vinification technique and unearth your talent in the ancient art of sculpture. Watch the Greek myths and legends come to life in the most interactive theatrical local tour in Athens at the National Gardens. Habits, traditions, expressions; these are things that cannot be learnt by hearing of or reading about them. they must become experiences, they need to take shape and form through interaction! We, therefore, invite you, the inquisitive traveler, to join our local experiences in Athens Greece.

What They Say About Us

“ I felt like i was in ancient Athens, walking among ancient Athenians and interacting with them. Following the tour on the Acropolis, every time i looked at the Parthenon, i felt like Goddess Athena was really keeping an eye on me! ”
― Deepika J, India
“ It is really hard to find people that truly care about your experience. Greek TravelTellers took me and my family into a beautiful journey through Greek history and culture. We learnt so many exciting stories and tales we had no idea about. It is definitely worth it! ”
― Emilie S, Denmark
“ What an amazing experience!! Games, stories, laughter, traditional drinks... at the end of each day we were looking forward to the next morning and our next adventure! We booked the Indiana Jones tour and, i have to say, it was full of surprises!! ”
― Mclee K, USA
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