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Greek Mythology
Interactive workshop for kids

2 Hours
English, Ελληνικά
or Sign language (upon request)


Kid friendly activities
Outdoor activities

We have prepared for you a unique journey to the National Gardens of Athens, an oasis in the center of the city! Aligning ourselves with the rhythm of nature, we will explore fascinating myths and stories of ancient Greece and learn to love nature and connect with her spirits! This is the best way for your children to get to know Greek culture in a fun and familiar way!

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1. Highlights 


  • The 12 Gods of Olympus and the pantomime game in a secret garden
  • The love story of the god Pan and the Nymph Pitis
  • The beautiful stories behind the trees and their protector spirits
  • The role-playing battle between the Olympian Gods and the mighty Titans


  •  “Cannot recommend it enough to families visiting Athens!! My kids loved every moment in the Gardens!! The stories, the myths, the games... they want to go back!!”
  •  “I had no idea there was such a beautiful place right in the centre of Athens. Eleni took me and my children into a unique journey of ancient myths. Honestly, I think I loved it even more than they did!”

2. What you can expect


Join us on a mythical journey deep into time, when Gods were walking amongst humans. During this adventure, our little heroes will discover Greek Mythology and its connection to nature and life! Stories will be heard of ancient Gods and mighty Titans, of godly love and godly betrayal. Led by our children travel-teller, who specializes in making Greek culture accessible and fun for kids, our journey will take place at the National Gardens of Athens! There, we will follow the path of the Nymphs, beautiful and divine ancient nature spirits! We will learn of the thrilling stories that each Nymph has to say through games and interactive narrative that will captivate the imagination of your children!


The symbolic birth of Goddess Athena from Zeus’ forehead and the thrilling Titanomachy will be explored through theatrical play, where everyone gets a role! Next comes the exciting contest of Athena and Poseidon over Athens and how the Athenians chose the Goddess of Wisdom over the God of the Seas as their patron. Will we be able to discover the holy tree of Athena within the Garden? In the end, the children will have the opportunity to create a special souvenir they can keep, to remind them of the beautiful adventure they had exploring the captivating world of Greek Mythology. And if they are lucky… they may also get a secret letter from Goddess Athena herself :)


3. Practical Info


Duration: 2 hours
Language: English, Ελληνικά, Sign language (upon request)
Location: Athens
When: April - October, 09:00 am
(Flexible start time)
Price starts from: 160 euro
Good to know:
  • Designed for children aged between 6-11 years old
  • Parents must always be within reach of their children
  • Parents will also love the stories!
What's included:
  • Services of our theatre professional trained in child education
  • All materials necessary for the realisation of the activities
  • All taxes
Not included:
  • Any food or drinks
  • Gratuities (optional)


 Athens Mythology tour National Gardens



Meeting point is the Syntagma Metro Station. Detailed meeting instructions will be sent to you upon booking.

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Greek mythology interactive workshop for Kids
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