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Walking Tour
Life and Death in Ancient Greece

3 Hours
English, Ελληνικά
or Sign language (upon request)


Outdoor activities

If an experiential journey to the ancient Greek life and afterlife is what you seek, well, look no further! Simple farmers, war heroes, great lyric poets, rich and poor… they all had one main goal in life: to achieve posthumous fame; to be remembered! Dying was not the end of the line for them. There was a whole world and a great adventure waiting for them until they reached Hades’ Kingdom, the Underworld. But what was the journey and what did the Underworld look like? Discover Athens in a different and interactive way, through stories, myths, theatrical plays and games!

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1. Highlights 


  • The theatrical play for the journey to the Underworld
  • The revival of Socrates’ trial and our chance to set his spirit free
  • The fun and laughter during the ancient games with a view of the Acropolis
  • The oldest distillery in Athens and the tasting of its secrets


  • “This tour was a great meld of mythology and history. We learned a lot about the ancient Greek society, what they believed, how they lived their lives and what they thought of the afterlife. It was a truly unique tour, since we were called to participate ourselves, build our stories and act! We experienced the history ourselves and that is why we remember most of the information we got! At the same time, we walked past most of the famous sites like Acropolis, Parthenon, Acropolis Museum and the neighborhood of Plaka. I highly recommend it!”
    - avarounas, TripAdvisor
  • “A experiência foi excelente!! Memorável! Mudou nosso olhar sobre a cidade. É um tour interativo, o que o torna ainda mais interessante. Super recomendo!”
    - BIANCA D, TripAdvisor

2. What you can expect

This is hands down the most alternative walking tour in town! We will start from Plaka, the oldest and most beautiful neighborhood in Athens, getting introduced to the concept of life and death for the ancient Greeks and how their view of the afterlife defined the way they lived. We will talk about Homer’s Iliad and Odyssey and discuss the concepts of ‘memory’ and ‘remembrance’. Walking around the little alleys of Plaka, we will discover monuments of the ancient past that are not what they seem. After learning about the importance of theater in the ancient Greeks’ lives, we will discover the journey from life to the afterlife and to the Underworld, through a short interactive theatrical play written by us, where everyone gets a role!


Moving on from Plaka, we will walk down the most famous street of Athens, Dionysiou Aeropageitou, past the Acropolis Museum and the beautiful neoclassic buildings, under the gaze of Goddess Athena from her Temple, the Parthenon! We will reach the Odeon of Herodes Atticus, an ancient theater, where performances are still taking place! There, we will learn about Aeschylus, the ‘father of tragedy’, and the sacrifice of Antigone in the name of life after death. Our next stop will be the Hill of the Nymphs and a hidden spot with a breath-taking view of the Acropolis! Plato’s motto was ‘life must be lived as play’. We will learn about the importance of play for the Ancient Greeks, and of course, we will play some of their games! We will also have the chance to get creative and make something of our own for ‘remembrance’!


Our journey does not end there. We will, then, walk to the Rock of Areios Pagos - literally a rock across Acropolis, which was the seat to the ancient criminal court of Athens. This is where people’s life or death was being decided! And this is where we will get the chance to rewrite history and maybe even save the spirit of Socrates! Finally, after a short walk through the picturesque alleys of Anafiotika, the ‘secret’ neighborhood of Athens, we will reach the end of our walk at the oldest distillery in town. Accompanied by old-fashioned liqueurs, we will have our own ‘symposium’ and celebrate life together!


3. Practical Info


Duration: 3 hours
Language: English, Ελληνικά, Sign language (upon request)
Location: Athens

Daily, 09:00 or 15:30
(Flexible start time for the private tour)

Group size: Up to 8 people
Price per person:


Good to know: This tour is offered in a kids version as well; please contact us for more details.
What's included:
  • Services of our amazing storyteller and local guide
  • All materials necessary for the realisation of the activities
  • A traditional drink per person during our last stop
  • Extra tips and stories about Athens
  • All taxes
Not included:
  • Any extra food or drinks
  • Gratuities (optional)



GreekTravelTellers walking tour Athens Socrates



Meeting point is the Acropolis Metro station. Detailed meeting instructions will be sent to you upon booking.

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Life and death in Ancient Greece walking tour
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