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Acropolis Museum
Interactive private tour

2 Hours
English, Ελληνικά
or Sign language (upon request)



The Acropolis Museum is home to the Acropolis’ findings. It is a must-visit for anyone who wishes to truly understand the magnificence of the ancient Temple of Athena, the Parthenon. During this tour, you will travel back in time and become an ancient Athenian family for a day. The Acropolis Museum becomes your home, your battlefield, your workplace, the stage on which your everyday life and customs unravel. Discover ancient Greek history and culture through fun and creative activities.

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1. Highlights 


  • The insights into the details of ancient Athenians’ lives
  • The revival of the great 5th century BC debate about the future of Athens
  • The awe-inspiring moments of standing next to the gigantic ancient sculptures of the Parthenon
  • The breath-taking view from the top floor of the Acropolis Museum


“This museum is truly one of the most impressive ones that i have ever visited and i was very lucky to book this tour that gave me a different perspective than the usual tours. The guide was exceptional - knowledgeable, passionate and funny! We traveled back in ancient Greece and experienced the history of the arteficats around us like heroes of antiquity! It was a fantastic experience indeed and a must do for everyone that visits Athens!”
- Carol B, UK

2. What you can expect

The Acropolis Museum is consistently rated as one of the best museums in the world. It houses every artefact found on the Rock of Acropolis and the surrounding slopes. Built in an inventive way, it successfully conveys how the citizens of ancient Athens once looked upon the Parthenon sculptures. The large glass panes beautifully draw in the ancient and modern parts of the city, making it a truly evocative experience.


We regard the Acropolis Museum as a book with a storyline and we explore the story of “your” ancient Athenian family through life, mythology and religion, through war, marriage and love, little Symposiums and grand public festivals. The collection covers a breadth of six centuries, from the Archaic to the Roman period, but special emphasis is put on the Acropolis of the 5th century BC, an era considered to be the apotheosis of ancient Greece's artistic achievement. The exhibits are brought to life as we interact with them through fun and creative activities, led by our expert licensed guide and storyteller. Exploring the past through the art of storytelling is the best way to comprehend it. This, in combination with the fun and creative activities offers a one-of-a-kind experience.


3. Practical Info


Duration: 2 hours
Language: English, Ελληνικά, Sign language (upon request)
Location: Athens

Daily, flexible start time

Price starts from:

43 Euro per person

Good to know:
  • This is a private tour
  • Taking photos is permitted only in specific areas of the museum
  • On the 2nd floor of the museum there is a cosy cafe with a spectacular view of the Acropolis
What's included:
  • Services of our amazing travel-teller and licensed guide
  • All taxes
Not included:
  • Entry fees (€10 per adult)
  • Food or drinks
  • Gratuities (optional)



Acropolis Museum Athens private tour



Detailed meeting instructions will be sent to you upon booking.

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Acropolis Museum interactive private tour
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