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A Sightseeing Itinerary
for your Holiday to Mykonos

A Sightseeing Itinerary for your Holiday to Mykonos

03 November 2021

Owing to the islands’ historical significance, there are breathtaking sights to see around every corner in this part of the world. Voted the second-best island to visit in Europe by Condé Nast Traveler readers, Mykonos is indicative of Greece’s distinguished history, making it a sightseer's paradise.

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Little Venice in Mykonos - Photo by Vadim Lu from Pexels

If you are purely on a sightseeing mission, consider heading to Mykonos outside the peak months of July and August, as the island will be quieter and you’ll be able to explore at your own pace.

Even though Mykonos is one of the most popular and commercialized islands, compared to some of its more sizable neighbors, it is actually a relatively small piece of land. Measuring just 85km², Mykonos is almost 20x smaller than the city of London, meaning you can see all that the island has to offer in a short space of time. Here’s what one day of sightseeing could look like in Mykonos.

Old Port

Our sightseeing jaunt begins at the Old Port. Formerly the main port on the island, welcoming passenger ferries, the port now operates primarily as a tourist hotspot, offering stunning views out onto the Aegean. If you aren’t satisfied looking on from the sidelines and you want to explore the islands by sea, visit the port’s north quay where small boats offering sightseeing tours of local hotspots are docked.

Visitors to the Old Port are spoiled for choice when it comes to places to eat and drink, with plenty of tavernas and bars located in the vicinity. There is also a small beach located next to the Old Port, but don’t sunbathe for too long – we’ve got a busy itinerary ahead!

A bar with a sunset view in Mykonos


One excursion on offer from the quay is a trip to Delos Island. The short journey from Mykonos to Delos will take no longer than 30 minutes and once there, you will discover a treasure trove of ancient monuments. First inhabited in the 3rd millennium BC, Delos has a rich history, and it is easy to imagine the range of archaeological findings that have been uncovered here over the years.

One of the most popular sites to visit is the Avenue of the Lions, overlooking the now dried-up Sacred Lake. The original lions were said to have been built around 600 BC by the people of Naxos, to both guard the land and honour Apollo, who was reputedly born on the island of Delos. A number of the original statues are now on display at the archaeological museum, and so the ones at the Avenue of Lions are actually replicas.

Ancient ruins on Delos island

Little Venice

Once you’ve explored all that the Old Port and Delos have to offer, tame your sea legs with a 15-minute walk along the western coast to the stunning neighborhood of Little Venice. Mimicking its authentic Italian counterpart, Mykonos’ Little Venice features rows of houses lurching precariously over water, and it is truly one of the most romantic areas in the Greek Islands.

Whilst it’s one of the most charming and enchanting towns in the area, do not be deceived – Little Venice is also home to some of Mykonos’ liveliest haunts. Bars and discotheques sit alongside the quaint art galleries and old-fashioned buildings for which this area is famed.

Sunset in Little Venice


After soaking up the entrancing atmosphere of Little Venice, take a short walk along the coast to the famous Mykonos windmills. Perched up on a hill behind the main town, the windmills can surely be found in more holiday photos than any other site on the island. To get the most striking photograph, hang around the town until sunset. As the sun dips into the Aegean sea, onlookers are blessed with stunning panoramic views, with a better sunset scarcely seen anywhere on the islands.

The windmills of Mykonos

Heading to the islands is definitely a top priority for most travelers to Greece. However, make sure to spend at least 2 nights in Athens as well. Contact us to craft a tailor-made itinerary based on your timetable and interests. Also, don’t miss our articles for tips and things to do in Athens.

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